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  • Judi Rhyner

A Message from the Garden...

Greetings Gardeners! I hope that you are all well.

During this time of uncertainty, I would like to encourage families at home to get outside in the garden. If you are lucky enough to have a back yard, please go out and plant some food and some flowers.

In North America we are experiencing this Global Pandemic during the beginning of Spring. The weather is getting warmer and it's the perfect time to plant a garden. Seeds can easily be ordered online. Get your kids out in the garden #digginginthedirt.

Gardening Resources for Kids

There are many awesome gardening resources for kids. These are a few of my favorites.


Gardeners Path:

This is just a few. There are a variety of others on the web. I hope that all of us will take this opportunity to encourage kids to be creative, have fun and see gardening as a way they can help their family and their neighbors, because it truly is.

Today, I will leave you with one of my favorite Gardening Activities with kids in the garden. I am also a lover of reading, so this makes my heart sing! It's from You can download books easily from the public library or from Amazon.

Plant Dreams and Harvest Love,