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The best defense is a good offense...

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Wow! where has the time gone? It has been a crazy busy spring, and summer is going to be just the same! As your spring plantings begin to grow and flower, you'll want to be sure that you've got all your "ducks in a row" so to speak, when it comes to managing garden pests. Sometimes it's a lot like "defense against the dark arts" without the magic wand. I don't have a magic wand like J.K. Rowling's wonderful characters, but I can give you some great tips to prevent pest infestations before they occur.

Carrots, cabbage and beans all have pests that LOVE to munch on them. The best way to prevent pests is to plan ahead.

  • Cabbage: Use row covers or landscape cloth to cover young seedlings to prevent cabbage moths from laying their eggs in your plants.

  • Carrots: plant rosemary, sage and chives near carrots. Also inter-plant onions, such as green onions or leeks to confuse carrot flies.

  • Beans: Aphids love to munch on green bean plants. This can be prevented by ensuring your plants are healthy and well fed and not stressed from lack of nutrients or water. In addition, plant marigolds all around and within your garden. these beautiful flowers will repel aphids as well as other pests.

I'm headed out to the garden to plant even more flowers and herbs in my garden. I'm behind schedule this year and it seems I never get everything planted!! I guess that's the life of a gardener!!

Keep up the good work in keeping the pests away. Let me know some of your best "defense against the dark arts" ideas for pest prevention in the comments.

Happy Gardening....

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